Oqtav – The headphones to rediscover your music

Project raised: $11,422 Location: New York, NY
Project goal: $22,000 Crowdfunding via: Kickstarter
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Do you know what is an octave…

Do you know what is an octave … complex and unique meaning, this is also the spirit of Oqtav. Achieve a unique product to restore the complexity that music can offer us.

Oqtav members were tired of finding audio headsets is plastic with heavy bass sound. Our first headphones “Unik” is the result of a desire, combining the pleasure of listening to a singular design.

Steel and precious woods Association, our headphones offer an experience, a style and an unique customization.

Breaking today’s standards for reinventing tomorrow thanks to you, thanks to your contribution, this is our desire.


The use of wood for our project is not just aesthetic. Musical instruments typically use this component; it was evident to us that our headphones is designed with wood.

Use of this noble material allows better definition sound, providing warm tones, rich bass, comfortable, deep and clear voice.




Anyone who has opted for a headphones “My Touch or Signature” will be able to custom headphones to have a unique product in the world.

Oqtav My Touch (MT)
laser engraving precision: you can put a picture or write your choice on the wooden hull right. Jpeg file is good but for best results, a vector file in Adobe Illustrator would be better. The maximum size of your drawing should not exceed 2.5 cm in width and 4 cm in length
Oqtav Signature
inlay leather insert in the wood: you can choose from the best leathers from France and Italy. Wooden hulls are cut by laser. A leather yoke and paste is adjusted by hand for an amazing result.


How about to be part of a bold project, pushing the industry headphones and follow us in our development. With your help, we can get there.

We are proud of our first headphones and in his ability to render a good sound for your musical enjoyment.
We are faced with competition from larger companies with unlimited budgets for their marketing.

Your participation is important for us so we can produce our headphones in quantity and satisfy a larger community.

With your participation, the $ 22,000 raised on Kickstarter will be used to finance the purchase of raw materials and for the first production of our headphones.

In the event that additional amount, we will continue our development in order to design new products for quality live music intensely at reasonable price

Please help us spread the word to your friends, family,
loved ones, colleagues, and everyone you see. We are starting a revolution in
the headphone industry, and we need YOU to succeed!

Support us, thank you



Drivers: 40mm neodymium

Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Sensitivity: 110+/-3dB (1 KHz, 1mW)

Rated input power: 30mW

Maximum input power: 50mW

R&L balance≤3dB (50Hz-3KHz)

Cable removable 1,2m nylon braided with remote control with microphone (compatible iOs, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry)

Plug: 3.5mm/4P gold plated

So general, a headset with a frequency response of 20-20 000Hz (20 Hz to 20 kHz) is a headset very good (range of frequencies audible to the human ear)

To better understand this chart, here are some explanations:

– on the vertical axis, you have the expression in decibels.

– on the horizontal axis, you have the answer in hertz.

– 20hz to 200hz for bass. A flat frequency expresses a good quality for bass

– 200 to 2khz for midrange

– 2khz to 20khz for treble

In comparison with some of the best headphones on the market

Audeze LCD X ($1699) – AKG K701 ($449) – Sennheiser HD700 ($890) – BOSE QC15 ($299)


Further refined design and exceptional listening quality, our headphones Oqtav full of advantages

  • Wood housing for unique design and sound improvement
  • Customization according to your taste
  • The connection cable is braided nylon and enhance the end for longer life
  • The cable has a remote control to manage playback tracks and take your phone calls
  • It also has a microphone to talk to without having to remove the headphones from your ears
  • Gold plated plug for clear sound
  • Compatible iOs, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry
  • A bag (cotton or silk depending on your package) will be delivered with your headset to be able to store it away from dust